to the Def Leppard discography. This site is for all Def Lep collectors and fans. Here you can find almost all Lep records that have been ever released worldwide.

The Def Leppard World was launched in June 2010. This discography site is based on massive Def Leppard collection located in Finland and some trusted sources all over the world.

This site is not official Def Leppard website. If you need to know biography, latest news, tourdates etc. of the band you can find them on The Def Leppard World concentrates only on Def releases. Site like this is big accolade to the band which has left great legacy to the rock history already.

How to check out releases

Using this site is very simple. On the right bar you can find all different music formats. Just click one of them and it leads you to choose what specific item you want to see.

When you have chosen specific item you can see all records that have been released worldwide. There is space for two pictures on each release, cover and actual disc. When you move cursor on the pictures they change to the back cover and to the b-side (or cd2). If item contains extra material (like promo releases, different pressings, sheets, cards, guitarpics etc.) there is red 'EXTRA' button available.

Clicking one of the pictures leads you to see bigger images of the items. There is also everything that has originally come along with that release.

On the page with bigger images, 12" singles and vinyl records are also rollover images. When you move cursor on it and wait a while you can see labels in bigger size.

Bootlegs and promos

You can find here many bootlegs aswell, they are in their own section. It is not always certain are those official or not which is why they are listed here.

Promos are tricky ones. Basically there have been made promos of every record, so it is very difficult (and sometimes pointless because some of them has only small difference, like 'promosticker' on cover) to add them here. But still you can find some promos on the site along with other pictures. Of course promos (example 7" UK 'Too late') with different look and catalogue number are listed separately on main discography list.

Other usage of the site

On top bar you can find search, updates and guestbook buttons. Everytime when there is something new you can find that on the updates page.

Please do not hesitate to write to guestbook. It is always nice to receive messages from fellow collectors and fans.

If you want to use some of pictures for personal reasons please contact site admin for permission.

If you have some missing information (like tracklistings, release dates etc) or releases that has not been listed please contact via e-mail.